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Support/ Outsourcing/ Outstaffing

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your IT department, to reduce the cost of possessing IT infrastructure and to reduce the number of failures and idle time?
Outsourcing will allow you to concentrate on your core business, increase efficiency and competitiveness, without spending valuable resources to fix specific infrastructure tasks. According to the experts, IT outsourcing allows to reduce IT’s indirect costs by more than 30%.

Benefits of IT outsourcing:
Client’s resources are free from a daily routine work – concentrating on the key business.

Lowering the costs of owning IT system – outsourcing allows the companies to save up to 30% of the cost associated with IT infrastructure as expenses on staff, training, certification, etc. are lower.

Decrease in corporate risks – high professionalism and long-term experience of our company’s experts are a guarantee of the reliability of the provided services.
Flexible resource management – no extra costs for additional resources.

Quick access to new technologies – we continuously monitor and study the latest technologies and developments and deploy them for the benefits of our Clients.

Decrease in operational risks  due to a constant availability of our technical personnel

Advantages of service support of IT:
• Optimization, planning and keeping IT’s expenses under control
• Guarantee of high level of services as per agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement)
• Minimization of business risks due to the reduction of an idle time and failures of IT infrastructure
Main areas of Outsourcing of the IT infrastructure
• Maintenance of main IT services (ERP, CRM, HRM, Portals, DocFlow, etc.)
• Administration of servers
• Outsourcing of administration and monitoring of IT infrastructure
• Outsourcing of Service Desk
• Out-staffing of the personnel
• Service of office equipment
• Remote technical support