Manufacturing Execution Systems


Manufacturing Execution Systems

What is MES System?

MES system is required to collect and store any type of real-time data and historical data from related Process control and / or IT systems in common storage space using various interfaces and protocols that allow for further manual and automatic processing and analysis of information for visualization, planning, reporting, modelling and prediction of the production processes.

We at XSAT have the most experienced in development of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for different industries, including oil and gas industry. Scope of the work includes Engineering and Design, Project Implementation, and Consultancy.

We offer Manufacturing Execution Systems of any complexity and size for industrial plants, developing fields, and enterprises, which cover each aspect of production process of the Client.

Solution Offerings:

  • Production Accounting System (Tieto Energy Components)
  • Integrated Activity Planning System (Anyplan)
  • Integrated Asset Modelling (OVS, IFM Petex)
  • Events and Deferments Management System (PI System)
  • Laboratory Information Management System (Abbott STARLIMS)
  • Production Web Portal (AVEVA PI Web‐server, Wonderware IAS)
  • Real‐time Databases (AVEVA PI System, Wonderware Historian, Honeywell PHD)
  • Relational Database Management System (MS SQL, PosgreSQL, Oracle DB, eXtremeDB)
  • Reporting System (MS SQL Reporting, SAP BO)